Parking Lot & Road Line Pavement Striping

Las Vegas, NV Parking Lot & Road Line Pavement Striping

Whether you are dealing with a newly paved Nevada parking lot or one that is older and the paint has simply worn off the surface of the pavement, you can count on the experts at Andersen Asphalt & Striping to handle all of your striping needs. You will find that when you invest in the parking lot of your business, it always pays off. Every time you choose us to handle your Las Vegas asphalt services, you can count on us delivering top notch results that far exceed your expectations. Our attention to detail will leave you with striping that is done with precision and exactness.

Benefits of Parking Lot Striping in Las Vegas, NV

It is important that you leave the painting and striping of your parking lot up to the professionals at Andersen Asphalt & Striping rather than attempting to take care of it on your own. This is the parking lot of your Greater Las Vegas business, and if it isn’t done with exactness, it can turn potential customers off. We have the specialized equipment that makes our striping services not only exact, but we can get your parking lot taken care of quickly as to not interrupt your normal operations any longer than is absolutely necessary all across the State of Nevada. Some of the benefits that come with our professional striping services include:
– Improved overall appearance of your parking lot
– Reduces property owner liability as it eliminates any confusion for drivers in the parking lot
– Parking spaces are clearly marked for easy parking
– Improved pedestrian safety
– Enhanced traffic flow

Directional Arrows & Handicap Parking Spaces in Greater Las Vegas, NV

The American Disability Act (ADA) states clearly that business owners are responsible for making parking spaces accessible for those that are handicapped. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will ensure that your handicapped parking spots are clearly marked so that you are in compliance with this requirement. We will also install all of the directional arrows that are needed to eliminate any confusion for drivers and pedestrians alike. While it should seem like it would be easy to see what direction you should be driving in a parking lot, directional arrows take all the guessing out of it and keep everyone much safer.

White, Yellow, Green, Blue & Red Painted Curb

There are certain areas of the curbs in your Nevada parking lot that also need painting to ensure the spaces are clearly marked. There are local, state and federal guidelines that must be followed and the experts at Andersen Asphalt can ensure the job is done with perfection. Some of those include but are not limited to:
– Yellow painted curb to indicate buses, student pick up & drop off at schools and loading zones
– Green painted curb to signify parking only for a limited time
– White painted curb to mean stopping only for a limited time
– Red no parking areas
– Blue handicapped parking
– Fire lanes
– Visitor and employee parking
– Assigned parking found in apartment, hotels & resorts as well as other housing complexes

Parking Lot & Road Line Pavement Striping & More in Reno, Elko, Henderson, North LV, Paradise, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Las Vegas, NV | State of Nevada

If you are in need of striping services in your parking lot, road or other pavement, there is no one you can trust more than the professionals at Andersen Asphalt & Striping. We have the training and experience it takes to make sure the job is done right and your pavement looks professional and is clearly marked. Call us today!

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