Traffic Calming Measures & Slowing Devices

Greater Las Vegas, NV Traffic Calming Measures & Slowing Devices

If you are trying to slow down traffic and keep some sort of control over how drivers drive through your Greater Las Vegas, NV neighborhood or parking lot, Andersen Asphalt & Striping offers several traffic slowing device options for you. Whether you are looking for speed humps, bumps or wheel stops, there is no other company in the state of Nevada that will deliver the superior results that our team of highly skilled professionals will in our quest to help you slow traffic down. These literal bumps in the road, will startle anyone driving too quickly over them, and help them realize their speed in areas that reduced speed is needed for safety.

Asphalt Speed Bump Design in Greater Las Vegas, NV

For areas in the greater Las Vegas Valley and across the state of Nevada that you are trying to keep a 10-15 mph speed, like a parking lot, asphalt speed bumps can be most effective in enforcing this. These are permanent fixtures in the parking lot that can’t be easily damaged and definitely won’t be removed like some of the temporary plastic options that are available. While speed bumps can be used in many setting, they are most often used in parking lots, private driveways as well as homeowner’s associations. Not only will the experts at Andersen Asphalt & Striping install your speed bumps, we will also help you with placement as well. We have the experience needed to know exactly where these bumps should be to give you the most beneficial results.

Difference Between Speed Bumps & Humps in Las Vegas, NV

Speed humps and bumps can be used to help eliminate the risk that comes with aggressive drivers. While many people may think that speed humps and bumps are the same thing, they certainly are not. Speed humps are used in areas that you are wanting traffic to stay between 10-15 miles per hour. These are best used where cars need to slow to keep pedestrians safe. Speed bumps are going to be a more aggressive approach in keeping speeds down. Where humps slow traffic to 10-15 miles per hour, speed bumps are capable of slowing traffic to under 10 miles per hour. Speed bumps are 2-4 inches taller than speed humps, making vehicles more aware of the bump as they drive over it.

Wheel Stops in Greater Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to wheel stops for your parking lot, there are two options that Andersen Asphalt & Striping recommend: concrete or rubber. Some people offer plastic or railroad tie stops, but the concrete and rubber we offer is far superior. Concrete wheel stops are the most durable and won’t move like other options. We use steel rebar pins that are actually screwed into the asphalt surface to ensure they won’t budge.

Traffic Calming Measures & Slowing Devices & More in Reno, Elko, Henderson, North LV, Paradise, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Las Vegas, NV | State of Nevada

If you are in need of traffic slowing devices for your road or parking lot, there is no one that will handle the installation and placement of them better than Andersen Asphalt & Striping. Our team of highly trained professionals will ensure your traffic slowing devices are in place to work to control aggressive driving in your parking lot. Call us today!

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