ADA Parking Requirements in Gardnerville Rancheros, NV; Handicap Parking Space Stripe Painting & More

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) was established in 1990 to help keep those with a disability protected against discrimination. This means that employers and business owners have to have certain safeguards in place to ensure that employees and customers that are disabled are provided reasonable accommodations. To make sure your business is protected from any legal issues due to a non-ADA compliant parking lot, Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to share some tips to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

Who Should Have an ADA Complaint Parking Lot

Following are the businesses and other establishments that should have an ADA complaint parking lot on their property:
– Restaurants
– Churches
– Schools
– Hotels
– Medical Facilities
– Government & State Buildings
– Apartment Buildings
– Retail Stores/Shopping Centers
– Hotels
– Parking Garages
– & More

The Number of Designated Handicap Parking Spots Needed in Your Parking Lot

The number of handicapped parking spots you need in your parking lot will depend largely on the size and number of parking spaces there are in the lot. It is also important to note that for every 6 handicapped parking space you have, one of them needs to be van accessible. Here is a rundown of the accessible spaces you need for your parking lot.
– 500-1000 Spaces: Two percent of the total spaces should be accessible.
– 401-500: 9 accessible, 1 van accessible
– 301-400: 8 accessible, 2 van accessible
– 201-300: 7 accessible, 2 van accessible
– 151-200: 6 accessible, 1 van accessible
– 101-150: 5 accessible, 1 van accessible
– 76-100: 4 accessible, 1 van accessible
– 51-75: 3 accessible, 1 van accessible
– 25-50: 2 accessible, 1 van accessible
– 25 & Under: For these parking lots, there is only one accessible parking spot needed, but it will need to be van accessible.

Space Needed for ADA Parking Spots

To make room for the mobility equipment needed when passengers get out of their vehicles, quite a bit more room is needed for accessible parking spaces. A regular accessible space needs to be 8 feet wide and a van accessible space will need to be 11 feet wide. You also need to take into account that you need 5 feet of clearance on the side to make space for the mobility equipment needed.

ADA Compliance Guidelines for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Medical facilities need to have more as far as accessible spaces are concerned in their parking lots. Hospital outpatient facilities need to have 10 percent of their parking spaces accessible. For rehabilitation or outpatient physical therapy buildings, they need to designate 20 percent of their spaces to accessible spaces.

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