Asphalt Pavement Repair VS Replacement in Carson City, NV; Cracks, Distress, Defects, Failure & Other Damage

Asphalt pavement is prone to all kinds of problems such as holes, cracks and bulges. Patching the hole or filling the crack are some the simple solutions when these issues happen. However, more serious structural issues can be result of other problems. In some instances, the asphalt cannot be repaired and will need replacing. Today, we at Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to discuss repairs versus replacement. You should first contact a contractor to see if you can get away with some simple asphalt repair in Nevada prior to worrying over the price tag associated with new asphalt paving. When deciding between asphalt repair or new pavement, consider the factors below.

Budget for Asphalt Repair or Replacement

Whether it be extensive repair or all new paving, and world will offer a big enough budget to cover whatever work is required. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most people and with some have serious financial constraints when it comes to making costly repairs or big purchases. Though it may be recommended that you invest in replacing the asphalt, your budget may only allow the repairs.

Severity of Asphalt Damage; Pavement Distress, Defects, Failure & More

In few instances, there may be no alternative to investing in new asphalt paving. You won’t be able to repair it without compromising the structural integrity of the pavement the damage is too big or too severe. Should this be the case, the of repairing the pavement may be more than replacing it. A professional will need to assess the damage to start with. Generally, there is already extensive damage to the pavement when any hole or crack bigger than a quarter inch is going. After the assessment however, the contractor will provide more details of the circumstances and present your options and costs.

Age of Asphalt Pavement

Since you won’t get many more miles out of it anyway you know that it’s not worth repairing when your car reaches a certain age. It is not a worthy investment to repair, especially if you have the budget for replacing. In addition to being a poor investment, the repairs will likely be comprised from the brittle surroundings, leading to more extensive damage sooner rather than later.

Traffic on Asphalt Parking Lot or Road

You may not be able to get by with a repair job should you have heavy traffic on your parking lot or pavement. For instance, a simple patch cannot withstand the pressure that excess traffic will put on it. Your pavement will suffer more extensive damage if you do not make another repair very quickly. A patch may be sufficient if you are making several repairs back to back. You’ll end up paying a lot more in the long term though you’ll save money in the short term.

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Coming down to your budget and your own tolerance for making repairs and keeping up with the maintenance plays a role in your decision to repair or replace. Understanding the condition of your pavement and the long term risks of repairing instead of replacing can come from the help of discussing your options with a skilled contractor that has the experience to assess the current condition of your asphalt. For your asphalt repairs or replacements in Nevada, call in the professionals of Andersen Asphalt & Striping and let us assist you!

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