Asphalt Road Pavement Construction Procedure in Boulder City, NV from Demolition to Final Roll for Compaction

There are many things that homeowners, commercial property owners, and municipality employees may not be aware of when it comes to asphalt pavement installation. Today, we at Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to elaborate on the basics of the asphalt pavement installation process.

Old Asphalt Demolition & Removal

Whether it is asphalt, concrete or pavers, the first step the asphalt installation process is to remove the existing surface.
1) Including small bobcats and forklifts, and when necessary, front loaders and large dump trucks are utilized during a complete demolition and removal.
2) Debris removal.

Grading & Sloping

With a clean canvas, the surface is completed for appropriate water drainage.
1) The surface is paved to ensure that water will run-off appropriately using a laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders.
2) Because water is a major cause of damage, including potholes, cracks, and heaving, proper water drainage is vital to your asphalt.

Subgrade & Subbase Preparation

The sub base is an important part of your new asphalt surface.
1) To support new pavement, the subbase provides a stable surface.
2) To help reduce winter damage due to freezing and thawing, the subbase is a frost barrier.
Essential steps in the installation includes the base thickness, base stability and compaction. The asphalt surface on top will not provide years of durability should the subbase not be appropriately compacted.

Proof Roll, Undercutting & Subbase Repair

To ensure the underlying surface is strong and ready to support new asphalt an extra step, called a proof roll once the subbase is fully graded and compacted.
1) Over the entire surface, row by row, driving a quad-axle dump truck, loaded with 72,000 pounds is involved in a proof roll.
2) The base is not properly supported if the gravel flexes more than an inch under the weight of the truck
3) Necessary repairs in compromised areas to ensure the entire subbase is supportive should any proof roll finds soft areas in the subbase.
4) To repair soft spots, undercutting can be used. This includes digging down below the surface 2 or 3 feet and the underlying soft clay or soil is replaced with stronger aggregate material.

Asphalt Binder & Surface Course

It is time to add the binder after the subbase is laid and any soft areas are identified and repaired.
1) Making it very strong and durable, the binder layer is large aggregate mixed with oil.
2) Of any new asphalt surface, the binder layer can be thought of as the strength.

Laying New Asphalt

The top layer of fresh asphalt is added to provide a clean, smooth ride following the supportive structures of a new asphalt surface are installed.
1) Derived of small aggregate, sand, and oil is the surface asphalt.
2) When installed appropriately, this combination of materials creates jet-black asphalt that provide a smooth ride and a shiny, attractive finished surface.

Asphalt Transition & Butt Joint Detail

It is very rare to install an asphalt surface that does not connect to existing roadways, driveways or parking lots. As a result, asphalt-paving experts create a smooth transition from old surface to new.
1) Where old asphalt or concrete meets new asphalt pavement is known as butt joints.
2) To ensure that the grading and water run-off is appropriate, these transitional areas require special attention.
3) To make certain drivers and pedestrians don’t notice a difference in the surfaces, butt joints are vital.

Final Roll for Asphalt Compaction

The entire surface is smoothed and compacted after the asphalt and butt joints have been laid.
1) The new asphalt pavement surface is compacted and smoothed with a roller truck.
2) Any small bumps of aggregate or stone are left poking through are removed in this process.

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