Asphalt Sealcoating & Striping Basics in Carson City, NV; When Can You Stripe Pavement, Benefits & More

When you need to manage a parking lot, you will need to commit to the parking lot’s maintenance. When an asphalt parking lot is not indestructible, it does wear down and eventually needs to be replaced. However, with proper maintenance a parking lot can last 30 years or more. One important part of parking lot maintenance is sealing and striping the parking lot’s surface about every 8 to 10 years. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share some of the basics of sealing and striping a parking lot.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt, sealing or also known as sealcoating, is when a new thin protective layer is applied to the surface of the asphalt. Asphalt will break down due to exposure from UV light, rain and traffic. To help extend the life of the asphalt it is important to add a protective layer every few years. Sealcoating is essential to the longevity of the asphalt. Along with protecting the asphalt, sealcoating makes the asphalt look like new ensure a great curbside appeal.

When Can You Stripe Asphalt?

Striping is a term that describes the painting of the asphalt’s surface. The painted lines for lanes, parking spots, pedestrian cross ways, and no parking areas are very important to any parking lot. The painted markings bring direction and order to the parking lot. After a parking lot has been sealcoated, the old paint markings will be covered. New paint will be needed which ensures direction and order to the parking lot. Fresh paint also helps to ensure that the markings can be seen and refreshed as the paint tends to fade quickly.

Benefits of Sealcoating & Striping

There are many benefit for a property owner to maintain their parking lot by sealcoating and striping the asphalt. When you sealcoat the asphalt you are protecting it from a number of destructive elements. By sealcoating the asphalt you can effectively protect the asphalt from UV rays, oil, grease, water and the wear from traffic. Bird droppings are another destructive element that is common in many parking lots. Water is a major problem as well. Once water works its way through the asphalt, it can degrade and erode the asphalt from the bottom up. When asphalt begins to break down, you will get various types of cracks, potholes and the asphalt will become a light gray color. With routine sealing, you can prevent cracks and potholes from developing and water from penetrating through the asphalt. Striping your parking lot after it has been sealcoated has its advantages as well. Not only does a parking lot look brand new with a black surface and fresh paint, but codes do change. Striping markings are always being updated and changed. Sometimes your old striping marks may have become outdated and your parking lot is no longer up to code. Staying on top of the striping codes is a by-product of sealcoating and maintaining your parking lot.

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With regular sealcoating and striping in your parking lot, you will extend the life of the parking lot and maintain great curbside appeal. For sealcoating and striping services, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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