Causes & Effects of Potholes on Roads in Gardnerville Ranchos, NV; Erosion of Asphalt is a Road Hazard

A pothole is much more than just a nuisance. A pothole can be a major hazard to both people and the vehicle. Not only is a pothole hazardous it can also become a costly problem. When you have a pothole in a parking lot or in a road, it is something that needs to be repaired to help save yourself some heartache. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share some of the problems that potholes give us and why it is important to have them repaired.

Erosion of the Asphalt Substructure

As asphalt pavement is exposed to traffic and weather, along with the natural break down of time, this can lead to cracks or potholes. Either cracks or potholes allow the elements to affect the asphalt substructure much faster than normal. One of the major elements that can ruin the asphalt’s substructure is water. Potholes can collect large amounts of water that will destroy the asphalt’s substructure. The pothole will become bigger or other problems will occur that will require the entire asphalt to be replaced. To avoid total asphalt replacement you will want to protect that substructure. Therefore, when potholes develop have them repaired as soon as they develop.

Is a Pothole a Road Hazard

There are a lot of risks and or dangers of potholes. The danger of a pothole can even lead to a lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers love potholes, and whoever it is that is responsible for maintaining the asphalt will be the one going to court. However, how do potholes lead to a lawsuit? When a pothole is driven over, it can blow out a tire, damage the vehicle’s steering, suspension, and even the alignment system. When the vehicle suddenly becomes damaged, the driver and other passengers can be injured. This is true especially if another vehicle was involved. When someone is injured or in an accident due to a pothole, you can be at risk for a lawsuit. To avoid a lawsuit that can cost you thousands of dollars, have your potholes repaired.

How Can Potholes Be Prevented?

When you have pothole you already have a major problem. When potholes develop you will want them quickly repaired. However, to protect yourself, as well as all of the drivers, it makes more sense to prevent potholes from forming. Asphalt needs to be maintained. This can come as a surprise to many people. To maintain your asphalt you will want to set up a maintenance agreement with a paving contractor. To have an ongoing maintenance agreement for your asphalt, you will ensure your asphalt never develops potholes. With proper asphalt maintenance, you will not only prevent potholes but other common asphalt problems such as cracks. Asphalt maintenance is very important. For those who don’t have a maintenance agreement, it is important to monitor and seek repairs as soon as a pothole and cracks begin to form. When a section of asphalt begins to crumble into small pieces this is the early stages of a pothole.

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