How are Potholes Formed on Roads in Warm Climates like Winchester, NV & How Can We Fix Them?

Potholes are a common issue in asphalt roads. Potholes are not just a minor inconvenience. They can even be hazardous. Potholes can cause tires to blowout and even be the culprit of many accidents. When potholes develop they need to be repaired to remove potential road hazards. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share how potholes develop and how they are repaired.

What are the Causes of Potholes on Roads?

Many asphalt damages occur during the winter season and will manifest usually by the spring. During the winter season temperatures drop down causing the asphalt to contract. Then, as the asphalt warms up and it expands. Due to the constant expanding and contracting, the asphalt can become compromised when water seeps underneath the asphalt. Often you will get egg shell cracks and/or potholes. Potholes happen when a small section of the asphalt becomes weakened and is broken down by traffic. When potholes form they need to be repaired. However, there is a specific time when you should repair potholes. When needed, you should repair potholes during the spring season. When the asphalt begins to warm up is the best time to repair potholes. Should the patch work be done when it is cold, the new asphalt will shrink and not properly fill in the hole as it sets. Additionally, when repairing the asphalt in warmer temperatures, the patch work is flexible as it cures which promotes better quality repairs. With the temperatures warming up, now is the perfect time to repair potholes.

Methods Used to Fix Potholes

When there are potholes in the road they need to be repaired to prevent road hazards. When the timing is right you will want to seek a professional asphalt repair service. You will need to research asphalt services and find a quality contractor. When hiring a contractor they can be booked months in advance, so do not delay in looking for an asphalt contractor to come and repair the potholes. It is recommended to wait for a professional contractor to come and repair the pothole. Many people will try to repair the potholes themselves. However, there is more to repairing a pothole then just filling it with some concrete mix. When repairing a pothole the pothole needs to be cleaned. Once the pothole is cleaned it is then heated to remove any moisture that is in the asphalt. Along with removing the moisture, the heat softens the asphalt and the damaged edges are removed. Afterward, new asphalt is then mixed and compacted into the pothole. The asphalt must be tightly compacted to ensure no water seeps underneath the repairs. The new asphalt will need to cool and cure before it can be driven over. If the pothole isn’t properly repaired, the poor repair will not last and you will in no time at all have a pothole once again.

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Potholes are a common repair and one that can be done quickly with the aid of a quality contractor. When you have potholes and you need them repaired, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping for asphalt repairs, installation, and striping.

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