How Do You Fix Alligator Cracks in Asphalt in Spanish Springs, NV? Repair or Replacement?

Whether you manage a giant parking lot or a small driveway, your asphalt can develop some major problems. One such problem is alligator cracking. Alligator cracking is fairly easy to identify. You can see it when asphalt develops multiple cracks that look like the pattern of alligator skin or scales. Alligator cracking is often referred to asphalt fatigue cracks or crocodile cracks. These cracks will allow moisture to enter underneath the asphalt, causing more severe problems. When your asphalt develops alligator cracking, you may wonder what to do about this problem. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will cover what causes as well as what can be done about alligator cracking.

What Causes Asphalt Alligator Cracking?

Alligator cracking is an asphalt problem that occurs when the asphalt isn’t being properly supported. If the asphalt’s subgrade wasn’t properly prepared or if the subgrade wasn’t thick enough, the asphalt’s surface isn’t being supported. Another common cause for alligator cracks is when there is poor drainage and water can seep down and erode the asphalt’s subgrade. Basically, when the subgrade is no longer supporting the asphalt, then under pressure the asphalt will break and develop alligator cracking.

What Do You Do About Alligator Cracking?

When there is early enough detection and action, you can repair alligator cracking by applying a filler and seal coating the site of the cracking. However, fillers and sealcoating of the site of the alligator cracks is more like putting a band aid and doesn’t really correct the root of the problem. If you are not ready to invest in proper repair, fillers and seal coating will buy you some time. To properly repair alligator cracking, there is a three step process.
Step 1. Identify & Evaluate – When alligator cracks have been spotted, an asphalt contractor will need to be called out to identify and evaluate the cause of the cracking. The contractor will inspect the site of the alligator cracking to determine the source and the cause. Once the problem has been determined, the repair options will need to be considered.
Step 2. Assess the Subgrade – When repairing asphalt that develops alligator cracking, most often the subgrade has been affected. The contractor will want to dig into the asphalt to evaluate the subgrade. If an issue has been spotted the subgrade will also need to be modified and repaired.
Step 3. Repairing the Asphalt – If the alligator cracking has only occurred over a small area, often that section of the asphalt will be repaired. If there are multiple sites of alligator cracking, often it is best to remove the asphalt and start over by installing new asphalt. If only one section of the asphalt has been affected, often the site will need to be dug out and the subgrade repaired and then patch the asphalt.

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When you get alligator cracking developing in your driveway, parking or other asphalt surfaces, it is important to have the site repaired and deal with the cause of the cracking. For quality asphalt and striping services, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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