How Long Do Pavement Markings Last in Boulder City, NV? Avoid Low Quality Asphalt & Other Causes of Wear

For those who are responsible for maintaining a parking lot or roads that require stripe markings, you know it is a major battle to maintain the asphalt’s paint. The markings, or also known as striping, on pavement helps to direct traffic and enhance pedestrian safety. When the markings fade it can be hard to park in a designated parking spot, or see where the safety crosswalks etc. are. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share what causes the paint or markings to fade and wear away and why you should have your striping redone.

High Traffic Fades Pavement Markings

Nothing can stop the wear that high traffic can cause. The paint used for the striping or pavement markings will wear away and the paint will fade over time. The more traffic exposure there is, the faster the paint will wear away or fade. When there is dense or frequent cars that drive over your pavement markings you will need to repaint the pavement more often. This is a simple truth when it comes to pavement marking and striping.

Low Quality Asphalt Material

When the pavement markings and striping wears down fast, this can also be due to low quality asphalt. When the asphalt is of low quality, it will begin to crumble into small pieces and often take the stripe markings with it. Additionally, poor quality asphalt can make it harder for the paint to bond to the asphalt. Along with traffic exposure, the paint will not last very long.

Pavement Striping on Dirty Asphalt

Think of paint on the walls of a home or any surface. If you paint on a dirty surface the paint will quickly begin to peel off. The same thing occurs with asphalt. If the asphalt wasn’t cleaned or poorly cleaned before painting, the pavement paint is already doomed to peel. It is essential that the asphalt is as clean as possible before you begin the striping process. Failure to clean the asphalt efficiently will result in the striping paint to peel and flake off.

Outside Temperature Affects Road & Parking Lot Stripe Painting

Weather can play a major role on the longevity of the pavement markings as well. Extreme hot and cold temperatures, which are common in southern Nevada will cause the paint to wear down even faster. Living in a state with extreme hot and cold temperatures it is inevitable that the paint will begin to wear down. Therefore, you can expect to repaint more often than in other climates.

When to Repaint Pavement Markings

When the pavement markings begin to peel or fade, you will want to have the pavement markings repainted. Pavement markings help provide clear lanes for traffic, show crosswalks, stop lines and more. The pavement markings are essential in directing traffic as well as pedestrians. With clear pavement directions you can help ensure the safety of both drives and pedestrians. Do not hesitate to have the pavement markings repainted.

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When you need to have your roads or parking lot markings repainted you will need to seek asphalt striping services. For quality and speedy striping services, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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