How Often Do You Restripe a Parking Lot in Moapa Valley, NV? Pavement Condition & More

Roads and parking lots use painted markings to provide safety and guidance for both drivers and pedestrians. When your asphalt needs to have those markings painted, this is a service known as striping. Striping is essential for roads and parking lots. Unfortunately the painted markings will fade and degrade due to the exposure from vehicles and weathering. There are a few ways you can help extend the life of the asphalt striping but eventually the asphalt will need to be restriped. Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share how often or when to have the asphalt restriped.

Why Do You Restripe a Parking Lot?

The painted markings on parking lots will vary and are used for different reasons. Each marking has a purpose. Once the markings can no longer be properly seen, it can make the parking or road more hazardous. The pedestrians crossing lines, traffic flow directions, parking spaces and handicap parking is important to the safety and order. For this reason it is important to maintain the parking lots or road striping. As the painted markings can fade or become covered, you will need to have the parking lot restriped every few years.

How Often Do You Restripe a Parking Lot?

In general, a parking lot should or needs to be restriped about every 2 to 4 years. When to have your parking lot restriped will determine on a few different factors. Often it will depend on how much traffic your parking lot receives, the type of pavement, and the climate. Some of the primary considerations on how often a parking lot needs to be restriped are:
• Asphalt or Pavement Condition – The current condition of the asphalt or pavement will determine if you need to have restriping or a combination of sealcoating and restriping. If the asphalt is degrading you will need to repair the asphalt to see the stripe markings more clearly.
• Surface Quality – The newer or better quality of the surface will often prolong the need for restriping. If you recently have had asphalt sealcoating or asphalt that is newly installed, you may not need restriping for 4 to 5 years.
• Pavement Types – The type of materials used for the parking will have a greater effect on the striping. For higher quality parking lots, you may not need restriping, while poor quality asphalt or pavement may require it.
• Quality of the Striping – As long as the paint is clearly visible you do not need to have the parking lot restriped. Once the markings become hard to see, regardless of when you had the striping last done, you will need to refresh the striping to ensure visibility.

Why is Parking Lot Striping Important?

When a parking lot striping is over four years old or is no longer visible you will want to have the parking lot restriped. Not only will it ensure safety of the parking lot, but also for the property owner’s liability. Lawsuits can be filed against you if the parking lot markings are not clear and an accident was the result. You will be held liable if your parking lot is unsafe. To protect yourself you will want to maintain a clean and orderly parking lot with visible markings for both traffic and pedestrians.

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