Main Types of Asphalt in Jackpot, NV; Hot to Cold Mix, Dense Grade, Porous & More

Most asphalt companies will uses a few different types of asphalt which were often referred to as mixes. The different types of asphalt mixes have their own ideal uses and environments. Knowing when to use the different types of asphalt mixes and the best application is key for any quality asphalt service. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share some of the different types of asphalt mixes and what sets each type of mix apart.

Hot Mix Asphalt

One of the most commonly used type of asphalt mix is a hot mix. Hot asphalt mix is a very flexible material that consists of asphalt binders and blends of coarse and fine aggregate. A hot asphalt mix is highly resistant, which makes it ideal in many different environments. A hot asphalt mix is easy to apply once the mix reaches 350 degrees. However, the asphalt does cool quickly and needs to be installed before it cools down.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Some asphalt companies will use a warm mix asphalt which needs to be heated to around 120 degrees. Where the asphalt mix isn’t heated to the temperature of a hot mix, it makes warm asphalt a bit more comfortable to work with, especially in the summer months. Additionally, a warm mix asphalt is also fairly easy to work with as it doesn’t cool as quickly. Another benefit of a warm mix asphalt is that it creates far less greenhouse gasses which makes this asphalt mix better on the environment.

Cold Mix Asphalt

A cold mix asphalt is most often used as a temporary or for emergency asphalt repairs. A cold mix is most often used as a repair mix when it is cold outside. Most types of asphalt need to be warm to be used. In the winter months, the temperature cools a warm or hot mix too quickly to be properly used. Cold mix asphalt is also easy to remove if the repairs are temporary and the asphalt will be scraped up and replaced soon.

Dense Grade Asphalt

A dense grade asphalt is a type of hot mix. A dense grade asphalt holds up well against high and heavy traffic as well as friction. Dense grade asphalt also is ideal for leveling and patching. However, it is also used for general purposes.

Porous Asphalt

A porous asphalt is most often used for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and playgrounds. A porous asphalt is designed to allow water to drain through all of the layers of the asphalt and to the gravel below. Porous asphalt is needed in areas that receive a lot of rain and storm water, which needs to be managed.

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Each of the asphalt mixes have their ideal applications and time of year they can be used. An asphalt service will know which mix is best for each situation. Often clients are confused about the different types of mixes and when or why they are used. Hopefully you better understand the different mixes and how they are utilized. For quality asphalt and striping services, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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