Parking Lot Laws in Logandale, NV; What are the ADA Requirements for Handicap Parking Spaces & More

Is your parking lot 30 years old or older? If your parking lot was designed before 1990 without having any major updates it may be illegal. Parking lots must have certain features or it can be illegal and you may be vulnerable to a potential lawsuit. A parking lot is more than just painted parking spaces. There are certain codes and regulations that a parking lot must follow. Andersen Asphalt & Striping LLC will share what makes an illegal parking lot and when to seek out new sealers and striping services to ensure your parking is up to date and is following all current codes and regulations to make certain you are legal! Many property owners must manage not only their buildings, but their parking lot as well. Many of them are unaware that their parking lot currently does not follow current codes and regulations and is now considered illegal. Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act that was passed back in 1990, we now have one of the aspects that determines if a parking lot is illegal. Not only are parking regulations designed to help our disabled, but they are also intended to ensure safety and efficiency of the parking lot. Below are some of the aspects of a parking lot that must now be followed to ensure your parking lot is legal.

Standard Parking Space Dimensions

As part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is important that a parking lot is designed with properly spaced parking spaces. Some parking lots may have super tight parking spaces to ensure there is plenty of parking for customers. However, parking spaces that are too tight may be illegal. Certain properties such as malls or super shopping centers may be tempted to increase their parking spaces by reducing the size of each parking space. However, this is a major mistake. It is essential that any sized vehicle can park and there is enough room for the vehicle’s doors to open. The minimum size of a standard parking space is nine feet wide by eighteen feet long. Parking spaces within enclosed garages should have an interior dimension of at least ten feet wide and twenty feet long. The minimum size of a compact parking space sis eight feet wide by sixteen feet long.

Handicap Parking Spaces on Private Property

The disabled often requires more space to access their wheelchair or other mobile aids such as scooters, walkers or crutches. When designing a parking lot, the handicap parking area tends to be bigger than the rest of the parking spaces and must be closer to the building. When it comes to handicap parking there is a required number of parking spaces that must be present. The parking to handicap parking ratio is as follows:
• 25 Parking Spaces to 1 Handicap
• 26-50 Parking Spaces to 2 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 50-75 Parking Spaces to 3 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 76-100 Parking Spaces to 4 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 101-150 Parking Spaces to 5 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 151-200 Parking Spaces to 6 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 201-300 Parking Spaces to 7 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 301-400 Parking Spaces to 8 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 401-500 Parking Spaces to 9 Handicap Parking Spaces
• 501 to 1000 must have up to 2% of Handicap Parking Spaces
• 1001 and above must have 20 Handicap Parking Spaces Plus one for every 100 Parking Spaces.
Knowing the proper ratio of regular parking spaces to handicap parking spaces can be confusing. However, a professional paver and striper will know county, city and state codes and regulations for handicap parking ratios and will ensure you are up to code. Another major issue that can make a parking a lot illegal are barriers. A parking lot must have handicap access which mean that ramps and barriers must be removed.

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It is important that parking lots are properly designed, and all of the striping is properly designed to ensure that the parking lot is legal. As there are many codes and regulations that must be followed, make sure if you have an older parking lot have it is inspect and striped to ensure all the parking lot markings are up to code. For parking lot stripes, reseal and more, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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