Pedestrian & Motorist Asphalt Parking Lot Safety in Paradise, NV; Importance of Road Markings Design & More

One in about every five vehicle collisions will occur in a parking lot. Many people can bring to mind a parking lot that was poorly designed or does not provide proper directional markings. Narrow parking lots can become particularly confusing, which leads to a number of accidents. Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share how parking lot safety can be increased simply by ensuring proper striping, markings and more.

Safety of Pedestrians in Parking Lots

Parking can be dangerous as many drivers are not paying as much attention as they should. Parking lot conditions can play a major role in the safety of those who walk and drive through the lot. Too many accidents involve vehicle colliding or even people getting hit by a car. To help bring attention to safety, crosswalk areas and better direction for drivers to follow within the parking lot, often requires proper maintenance. For those who manage a parking lot, it is not only essential to maintain the area to help ensure safety of those who use it, but you are also liable if an incident occurs.

Importance of Pavement Road Markings

The major question is how to improve safety of the parking lots on commercial or public parking sites. To begin with, the pavement markings must be well kept and or visible to drivers and pedestrians. This may include having the parking lot cleaned regularly. However, over time, the pavement markings will fade and will require the need to be repainted. Parking markings often consist of lanes, directional arrows, pedestrian crossing zones and parking positions. To ensure safety of all who use the parking lot, never allow the parking lot to become a “free for all.” Drivers should never be allowed to make their own decisions as to which direction to drive and where to park. It is also recommended that a parking lot minimize two way lanes and to convert traffic to a single direction whenever possible.

Best Parking Lot Layout Designs

Many parking lots may undergo complete resurfacing and new pavement markings to help improve traffic as well as pedestrian flow. It is no secret that many parking lots are severely flawed and should undergo some redesigning. The flow of traffic, combined with pedestrian walkways are simply terrible and can be the result of a number of collisions and accidents. When there is an obvious parking design issue, it is recommended to start over and redesign the parking with the available space. Again, this will often demand the need to resurface the parking lot and remark or paint to create a safer and smoother parking lot.

Asphalt Parking Lot Repair & Crack Sealing

Another major issue that often needs addressing is the condition of the pavement surface. Potholes, cracks and major dips in the parking can cause a tripping hazard for pedestrians and unexpected damage to vehicles. Again, the owner of the property will be liable for the conditions of the parking lot. If an injury or collision was caused by poor pavement conditions, the property owner can find themselves in a law suit. When potholes, cracks, dips or other issues occur on the parking lot pavement, to ensure safety, have the parking lot repaired.

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There are many ways to improve parking lot safety. Making sure the pavement marking and surface conditions are well maintained is just a couple of the ways. For pavement repair, marking or striping, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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