What is Bleeding in Road Construction in Summerlin South, NV & How Can Flushing Be Repaired?

When you have asphalt roads and parking lots, there are several problems you can run into. While asphalt is, by in large, a great, low maintenance surface, there are still issues that can happen and cause you headaches. One of the problems that happens with asphalt surfaces that is less well known than potholes and cracking is bleeding. This is a problem that can cause issues for drivers and property owners and should be fixed as soon as it is discovered. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about asphalt bleeding and why you should fix it when you find it.

What is Bleeding or Flushing in Asphalt?

For those of us that don’t understand what asphalt bleeding is, Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to explain. Another term to describe asphalt bleeding is flushing. This happens when you find there is a thin, shiny film on top of your asphalt surface. It can actually look like water or oil on the surface. Most people will discover this problem when extremely hot weather is happening. While it looks like motor oil has spilled, or there is water sitting on the surface of the asphalt, that isn’t actually what’s going on. The liquid is actually the asphalt binding agents that is leaking onto the surface. This bleeding can limit the amount of traction that cars have while driving on the surface and is incredibly reflective during night hours.

What Causes Asphalt to Deteriorate?

Most of the time, asphalt bleeding is caused by high traffic or hot weather. As the sunlight and high temperatures are present, it can actually liquefy the oil-based binder and it starts to run through the small pockets or voids in the pavement as it makes its way to the surface. Unfortunately, once this substance has made its way to the surface, it will not reabsorb into the asphalt. In fact, this can continue to build up over time and cause problems. If have excessive bleeding, it can also be caused by poor installation in the first place.

How Do You Fix Asphalt Pavement Bleeding?

When you have an area of your pavement that is experiencing bleeding, there is no way to easily solve the problem. The quick fix for it can be to apply sand to the area to absorb the liquid and reduce the risk of injury with it on the surface. If there is a serious case of asphalt bleeding, there may be some grading that needs to take place to remove the top layer of the asphalt. Then it can be resurfaced and smoothed back out.

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