Why is Asphalt Maintenance Important in Summerlin South, NV? Avoid Repairs & More

Asphalt is used everywhere. It is used to build roads, parking lots, and in many recreational areas. When people think of asphalt, most of us would say that it is a strong and durable material and can withstand anything. Even though asphalt is very strong and durable it too requires maintenance and care. Unfortunately asphalt maintenance often goes unnoticed. This will lead to expensive repairs or even total asphalt removal and replacements. Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to highlight the cost of neglecting asphalt maintenance.

Cost of Neglecting Asphalt Maintenanc

While a newly laid asphalt surface might seem invincible, it isn’t immune to the forces of nature and time. Over the years, exposure to the elements like sun, rain, and ever shifting temperatures, along with the stress of traffic, will gradually take a toll on the asphalt. If it is neglected, small cracks and minor damage can evolve into serious issues such as potholes, severe cracking, or structural failure, resulting in in the need for major repairs or even a complete replacement.

Asphalt Repairs & Premature Replacement

The cost difference between routine maintenance and major repairs or replacement is huge! Regular maintenance, including crack filling, seal coating, and minor patching, is a relatively inexpensive way to preserve the lifespan of your asphalt. On the other hand, allowing minor damage to increase can lead to costly solutions. Pothole repairs can be expensive, and they often point to an underlying structural issues. More extensive problems may require a complete asphalt removal and replacement, which can cost several times more than regular maintenance.

Decreased Property Value

The appearance of your property is an essential component of its value. A well maintained, smooth, and visually pleasing asphalt surface contributes to curb appeal, while damaged, cracked, or even potholes on the surface can detract from it. Neglecting asphalt maintenance can impact your property’s value negatively, especially if you’re planning to sell or lease your property.

Liability Issues

Neglected asphalt can pose major safety risks as well. Pedestrians may trip and fall on uneven surfaces or potholes, and vehicles can be damaged on your property. If an injury or damage occurs because of poorly maintained pavement, property owners might find themselves facing liability claims, leading to potential legal costs and increases in insurance premiums.

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Neglecting asphalt maintenance can seem like a cost saving concept in the short term, but it often results in higher expenses in the long run. Proactive and regular maintenance is the most cost effective way to keep your asphalt surface in great condition, prolong the asphalt’s lifespan, and reduce long term expenses. Have regular inspection of your asphalt surfaces, address minor damages as soon as they develop, and hire a professional asphalt service for routine maintenance. A little care today can save you money and headaches tomorrow. Never neglect your asphalt maintenance, not only to save you money but to ensure you have a reliable parking, road and or asphalt surface. For quality asphalt repairs, maintenance, installation and more, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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