Asphalt Pavement Road Construction FAQ in Glendale, NV; Will Parking Lot Paving Notices Be Sent to Tenants & More

When they are having their neighborhood asphalt reconstructed, many people tend to have a lot of questions. When reconstructing an asphalt road, the contractor can intrude on residential properties or compromise residential parking and more. To help understand more about asphalt reconstruction, Andersen Asphalt & Striping LLC will share some of the frequently asked questions about asphalt reconstruction and provide the answers.

Will Parking Lot Paving Notices to Tenants Be Sent Out?

If the city has some road work to do or they are doing asphalt reconstruction, most often a notice will be sent two times. The first notice will go out one month before construction begins and again one week before work actually starts.

Why Did Asphalt Contractors Cut into My Driveway?

Many homeowners are a bit stumped when asphalt reconstruction crews cut into part of their driveway. When doing asphalt reconstruction, the edge drain needs to be installed just outside the pavement. This is in effort to prevent water from collecting underneath the pavement which can damage the road prematurely.

How Long Does it Take for a New Asphalt Road?

Roads that need to be completely removed and replaced can take between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the weather. For those who are concerned about being locked out of their driveway, don’t worry. Road work will consider the residents and make sure they will have access to their driveways and homes. Additionally, if needed, ramps with be put in place if road conditions permit.

Why did the Contractor Leave Before Finishing?

One common question is why the construction crew will leave right after the road has been tilled. When the road looks like it’s been tilled what really happens is that the cement base of the road has been laid. This cement base takes about 5 days to cure before the next phase of the road construction can be completed. After the 5 day period, the road can be covered with a limestone spread which is about 3 inches deep. This next process can take another 1 to 5 days for the limestone cover to properly set on the road. Afterward, the asphalt is laid.

How Long Before You Can Drive on a New Asphalt Road?

How many layers of asphalt is put on and how long until the road can be driven on? The last step on constructing roads is laying the asphalt. There are typically two 3 inch layers of asphalt and a 1 ½ inch top coat. Once the top coat is laid and the roller has made a couple of passes over the asphalt, the road can be driven on. However, the top coat can take two days to completely cure, even though you can drive on the road asphalt can stick to your tires and get on your drive way.

Will the Edge Remain Jagged or Will They be Smoothed Out?

Once the contractor has finished the final layer they will leave. This leaves many homeowners wondering if the edges of the road will remain jagged and frankly, ugly. No, after a few days the contractor will come back and clean up the access debris and install the topsoil of any distributed landscaping and reseed lawns.

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When roads need to be reconstructed or simply smoothed out, don’t be afraid to ask questions concerning your neighborhood. For asphalt repairs, installation and much more contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping LLC today.

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