Basics of Parking Lot Striping in Mesquite, NV; Layout, How are Pavement Marking Lines Painted & More

Most people are vaguely familiar with parking lot lines. They know to park in between the lines and the various other stripe markings. These parking stripes are critical to organization and safety. Today, we at Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share the basics of parking lot striping.

Basic Pavement Striping Markings

The lines in the parking lot are generally called pavement striping or marking in the industry. In traffic paint, which is an extra durable, anti-fade thermoplastic resin paint that adheres well to concrete and asphalt, either white or yellow are used to paint these straight, even lines. To give it a luminous and reflective appearance in the dark, some traffic paint can contain tiny flakes or beads of plastic or glass. This allows drivers to see designated parking spots more easily at night.

How are Parking Lines Painted?

Usually more often than not, those responsible for the lines you see on roads and in parking lots are pavement marking or asphalt companies. Highly specialized equipment to increase precision and accuracy is included in the painting process. Using string lines or other letters and markings, the location of lines is often placed by hand to start the process. Next, by using an industrial blower to remove any surface debris like leaves or dirt, the parking lot surface is prepped for painting. Lastly, to guarantee a crisp, straight line every time, the expertly trained painters prep the thermoplastic resin paint in machines that spray or roll paint using a guided mechanism.

How Do You Layout Parking Lot Lines?

The most effective layout in each parking lot will vary since each parking lot is unique. It is important to look at a few key elements that are listed below to determine the layout of parking lot lines.
– Parking Lot’s Entrance & Exit Points: When they first arrive in the parking area, visitors will need to know how the vehicles need to be positioned.
– Optimize the Traffic Flow: Determine if the parking lot is more efficient to direct traffic one-way or to dedicate space for two-way traffic.
– Capacity Needs: The spaces you need to have in lot.

How Do You Make a Parking Lot Safe?

While still maximizing the space, you need to determine the best design that prevents overcrowding. Even when the lot is at capacity, you want to make sure it’s safe for vehicles to enter or exit a parking space. Perpendicular parking, angle parking, and parallel parking are the three of the most-used parking designs. Each can be a smart design choice and it’s common for parking lots to use two or even three of these types of parking designs in the right lot. In addition to the physical area of your lot, the type of parking design you choose will depend on the factors listed above.

General Dimensions of Parking Lot Striping

Parking spaces are usually nine feet wide and 18 feet long to fit standard vehicles on the road today. Usually, the painted striping that separates each space is 5 to 6 inches wide.

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