Benefits of Seal Coating Pavement in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Asphalt Surface Protection, Prevent Oxidation & More

For those that are in need of parking lot maintenance, seal coating, or the process of applying a protective coating on top of pavement, could be the answer you’re looking for. This process can provide many benefits for your parking lot or pavement surface. While there is a cost involved with seal coating, there are so many benefits that come along with it, that the price is an investment worth making. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to share some of the many benefits that can come with regular seal coating.

How Sealcoating Can Benefit Your Business

For many business owners, you may find that the benefits you can expect when you choose to have your parking lot sealcoated will far outweigh the cost to have it done. Here are the main benefits that you will see.
– Enhanced Appearance: There is nothing better than the shiny black surface that is left behind after your parking lot has been sealcoated. It will refresh that original black finish that you saw when the asphalt was first installed. It gives your parking lot an appearance that says you have taken the time to clean and maintain it properly which can boost your business’s curb appeal.
– Asphalt Surface Protection: The sun and water that make contact with your asphalt surface be damaging over time. When you have the surface sealcoated, it is protected against these elements that can leave you with expensive repairs. When asphalt is exposed to sunlight and water, over time, the oil that binds the asphalt together starts to break down.
– Prevents Oxidation: Not only will sunlight start to break down the asphalt bit by bit, but it will also cause discoloration known as oxidation. This leaves your asphalt a light grey and faded color. It can make the surface look old and worn out. What is truly happening is the binder that keeps your asphalt together is slowly breaking down and causing that faded appearance to be there.
– Resist Oil Spills: When there are vehicles on your parking lot constantly, there is sure to be one that is dripping oil. This oil can be damaging to your asphalt surface if you haven’t invested in sealcoating. Sealcoating helps to protect it from staining due to oil spills and other types of spills as well.
– Extends Life of Your Asphalt: The biggest benefit that you will see when you have your parking lot sealcoated is the new life it will give your asphalt. This is a big investment that you want to make sure has the protection it needs. When you have it sealcoated, you know that it will help extend the life of your asphalt, so you get your money out of the investment.

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If you need to have your parking lot sealcoated, you can turn to Andersen Asphalt & Striping to take care of you. We will not only give your parking lot new life, but we will also refresh the striping that helps give your parking lot direction. Call us today!

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