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When a business owner is building his own building(s) and is installing a parking lot for the first time or needs to replace the old parking lot, there are a few things they should know about installing a parking lot. When designing and installing a parking lot, the detail is more important than most business owners realize. If the parking lot isn’t designed well or installed properly, customers and staff might not want to come to your business as parking is terrible. To avoid the label of “terrible parking”, Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share the top things every business owner needs to know when installing a parking lot.

Experienced Asphalt Contractor

When you need to replace or install a new parking area, you will want to hire a professional as well as an experienced contractor. Not only do you need sound asphalt for your parking lot but you will want a contractor who knows all of the laws, codes and regulations for parking lots. Each city and county will vary on parking codes and laws as well as permits. To ensure you properly and legally install a parking lot you will want an experienced contractor to ensure each step is taken properly. In addition to an experienced and reputable contactor, you will want them to be able to showcase their past work as well as customer testimonials. You will want to make sure to do your homework on a contractor and know in advance that they can provide quality results before hiring them. To ensure you have a perfect parking lot you will want a quality and knowledgeable contractor.

Do Not Rush the Sub-Base when Preparing a Driveway or Parking Area for Asphalt?

When installing a parking lot, often the business owner or the client is more concerned with the top layer and how it will look at the end. However, one of the most important steps of installing a parking lot is the sub-base. The sub-base’s quality will determine the parking lot’s longevity and integrity. A poor sub-base will mean a shorter lifespan of the parking lot and a ton of repairs until the eventual replacement of the asphalt. As the client you must be patient during the construction and installation of the sub-base of the asphalt. There are a few steps to installing the sub-base and one important steps is the stabilization. Proper stabilization is key in ensuring the asphalt has the ability to overcome weather, traffic and time. When having a parking lot installed it is essential to allow enough time for a proper sub-base installation.

Asphalt is Renewable

One of the benefits of asphalt is that is can be recycled and reused. There are many roads and parking lots that are removed and replaced every day. When an asphalt parking lot is scraped up, it is not wasted. About 95% of asphalt in American is recycled asphalt. This helps to reduce the cost of installing new asphalt for parking lots and roads. When installing a new parking lot you know you are getting a fair quote and quality services.

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