Why are Potholes a Pavement Problem in Ely, NV? Motorists Can Sue for Pothole Damage & More

Potholes are one of the most common complaints of drivers on asphalt roads. They are a nuisance to drivers, but honestly, they are far more than that even. Leaving a pothole in your parking lot can lead to much larger issues that a couple of complaints from the people that hit them with their cars. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about the dangers that come with potholes and what you need to do to fix them if you have them in your asphalt parking lot.

How Do Potholes Affect the Substructure?

It is normal for asphalt surfaces to age and show wear with time. Usually, it all starts out as a crack and then the cracks get bigger, and potholes start to form. Leaving potholes without trying to repair them at all is going to lead to bigger problems with the substructure of your asphalt parking lot. It can cause erosion that can ultimately leave you with a full replacement. Obviously, you would save a considerable amount of money by simply repairing any cracking and potholes as soon as you notice that they have formed. This can be the difference between a simple repair job and a complete asphalt replacement situation.

Preventive Maintenance of Pavement

Just like anything else, a little bit of maintenance will go a long way when you are trying to extend the life of anything. This goes for your asphalt parking lot as well. Preventative maintenance is key in avoiding serious problems like potholes in your parking lot. You should be aware of any low spots that are collecting standing water as this play a big role in cracking and potholes forming. Sealcoating is key in taking care of problems before they even start and will save you money in repair costs down the road.

Can You Sue for Pothole Damage?

Potholes will not only cause problems with your asphalt parking lot substructure, but it will also cause damage to cars that hit them going too fast. This damage can lead to lawsuits. Not only are cars damaged either. Many people have been sent to the emergency room after hitting a pothole while driving. This can further lead to personal injury lawyers. If you are facing lawsuits because your potholes have caused personal injury to someone else, you could lose as much as six figures in awarding money to these people that have an attorney that is experienced in dealing with pothole injuries.

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If you have potholes in your parking lot, or even cracking that could potentially lead to potholes in the future, you can turn to the asphalt professionals at Andersen Asphalt & Striping to help you get them fixed. By doing nothing about them, you put yourself at risk of being held liable if someone gets hurt on your property. You also run the risk of needing to replace your asphalt prematurely. Call us today!

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