Common Causes of Asphalt Road & Pavement Damage in Mountain Springs, NV; Standing Water Ponding & More

There is a reason that most of the roads and parking lots you drive on are paved. It is one of the most durable surfaces for these areas and will last for years if it is installed properly and properly maintained. Even though it is durable, it can sustain damage for many reasons. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about the most common causes of pavement damage and how to avoid them.

Standing Water Ponding on Asphalt

When asphalt is installed, it is done so that when there is a significant amount of water on the surface, it will run off to avoid damage. When there is standing water on the surface of your pavement, it can break down your asphalt and cause damage. First, to avoid this problem, the asphalt needs to be installed properly. After that, it is important that sealcoating is done to done to protect it from water.

Excessive Sunlight Damage to Asphalt

Sunlight is not only harmful to you and your skin, but to asphalt as well. It is important that sealcoating is done every 3-5 years to offer the asphalt protection against harmful rays. When proper sealcoating is done, you don’t have to worry about the damage caused by sunlight.

Road Damage Caused By Heavy Vehicles

There is no doubt that when heavy trucks are continually driving on a paved surface, they can cause damage. This happens especially when they are driving slowly or they are parked in one place for a long period of time. This is why it is so important that the asphalt is installed properly. You need an experienced asphalt contractor that has the training needed to reinforce roadways and parking lots that heavy trucks are frequently driving on.

Does Oil & Gas Destroy Asphalt?

It is common to find oil stains and fuel spills on asphalt surfaces. The problem with these fluids is that they seep into the asphalt surface and start to break it down. There are aggregates that hold asphalt together and oil and fuel destroys it. The longer it sits on the surface, the more damage it causes. To avoid damage caused by fuel and oil, regular inspections should be performed by knowledgeable professionals so that repairs can be made.

Tree Roots Pushing Up Asphalt Driveway

Many people don’t realize how far their tree’s roots grow. They can be found reaching 50-75 feet from the tree itself as it searches for water. If the tree roots make their way to asphalt, they can cause significant damage. It is important that you work with an asphalt contractor from the very beginning that has experience dealing with trees and landscaping to help you make the best choice for your property and landscaping.

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Part of protecting your asphalt comes from hiring the right asphalt contractors in the first place. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will ensure your asphalt is not only installed properly, but properly maintained as well. Call us today!

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