How to Stop Speeding in Your Residential Mountain’s Edge, NV Neighborhood; Request Speed Bumps on Your Street!

Does your neighborhood have a lot of high speed traffic? When you live in a neighborhood with wide open streets, often it can encourage speeding drivers which puts your community at risk. Speeding drivers in your neighborhood put children, the elderly and the disabled member in danger. Speeding drivers are a major disturbance and even lead to collision with residential walls and homes. To help slow drivers down, often traffic calming methods are implemented. One of the more common methods of traffic calming is speed humps. When you feel like your neighborhood is in need of speed humps but are not sure how to get them implemented in your neighborhood, Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share where you can start and what steps to take.

How to Get a Speed Bump Installed on Your Street

Step 1. Talk to Neighbors About Speed Bumps – When you feel like your neighborhood is in need of some speed humps the first step to take is to discuss the matter with your neighbors. A single resident can push for speed humps being implemented in their neighborhood but the community often needs to agree that speeding traffic is a problem. The community needs to agree that calming measures need to be used and that the neighborhood will benefit from speed humps. Consider organizing a community meeting to discuss the possibility of having speed humps put in place on the roads.
Step 2. Research City Speed Bump Regulations & Procedures – If your community finds that they want speed humps in order to take control of the safety of their roads, your next step is to look at your city’s procedures for traffic calming. Often authorization from city officials is required before speed humps can be put in place. You can start your search at up City of Reno Policy of Traffic Calming or Clark County Policy Traffic Calming for the Las Vegas areas. Each city or county will vary on policy and procedure for implementing speed humps.
Step 3. Speed Bump Plan of Action – With the proper policy and procedures in hand, arrange another community meeting. Often a petition will need to be signed in favor of the traffic calming methods to be implemented. A representative or liaison for the community will need to be appointed to contact city officials.
Step 4. Contact Local Officials – The following officials will need to be contacted to submit the community’s request for traffic calming measurement to be taken. You will want to contact your council person, police precinct, and fire house officials. You will need to submit your request and describe your neighborhood’s threats such as speeding and reckless driving. Share testimonies of you or your neighbors’ firsthand accounts of drivers endangering the neighborhood. There will be a number of applications that will need to be defined such as the problems that have occurred. Share detailed accounts of speeding and reckless driving in the neighborhood. Once your case has been presented to city officials, you will need to await their decision or approval.

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Each city will vary on who will be responsible for having the speed humps put in place in the neighborhood. More often than not, it will be the neighborhood’s financial responsibility. For communities seeking traffic calming measures and need speed humps placed in your neighborhood, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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