Different Types of Asphalt in Mesquite, NV; Hot or Warm Mix Asphalt, Bituminous Concrete & More

Asphalt is used in many different ways. We use asphalt for roads, parking lots, driveways, and even at our parks. There are a number of different applications and uses for asphalt, which is why there are a number of different types of asphalt. The types of asphalt used will be determined by the asphalt’s purpose and the climate. Asphalt is one of the more flexible paving options since it is so diverse in its applications. Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share some of the most commonly used types of asphalt and what they are most commonly used for.

Hot Mix Asphalt

One of the most commonly used types of asphalt in America is the Hot Mix Asphalt. A hot mix asphalt is a combination of aggregate material and a binder. The binder is super-heated which is where this type of asphalt gets its name. The binder is heated to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit which will remove the moisture and reduce the consistency of the asphalt. Hot mix asphalt is often used in warmer climates and can be used in most situations.

Warm Mix Asphalt

A warm mix asphalt is not as popular as a hot mix asphalt. However, it is still widely used. As the name suggests, a warm mix is about 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and will cool and sit slower than a hot mix would. Warm mix asphalt is most often used when asphalt can sit overnight and during off season paving.

Driveway Mix Asphalt

A driveway mix asphalt is mostly used for driveways and parking lots. A driveway mix is a very specific blend of aggregate material which is designed to make the surface of the asphalt smoother than other asphalts. However, this type of asphalt is only meant for light duty and is cheaper than other asphalts. However, it is not good for high traffic situations.

Stabilized Base Asphalt

A stabilized based asphalt is a perfect foundation layer for a flexible pavement. Also known as Stab Base, this type of asphalt mix is 95% to 98% aggregate material such as chunky rocks, stones, and gravel. Only 5% to 2% of the mix is the binder. This type of asphalt is designed to provide a strong and sturdy base for another asphalt layer to lay on top of.

Medium Aggregate Bituminous Concrete

Medium Aggregates Bituminous Concrete, or also referred to as MACB, is a dark black colored mix that uses aggregate material that is ¾ of an inch or smaller. The smaller aggregate material helps to make a fine consistency which acts as a buffer or mild layer asphalt. Often the MACB asphalt is laid on top of the Stabilized Base asphalt with the final layer laying on top the MACB asphalt.

Fine Aggregate Bituminous Concrete

Fine Aggregate Bituminous Concrete or the FABC, is the final layer of the asphalt. This three layering process, that includes the stabilized base, the MACB and the FABC layer is most often used for parking lots, airport runways, and other areas that require a heavy duty asphalt surface.

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It is important that the right mix of asphalt is used for the right purpose or situation. When you need quality asphalt installation and want to ensure the right asphalt type is used, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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