What Causes Alligator Cracks & How Do You Fix Cracking in Asphalt Pavement in Lone Mountain Village, NV?

Have you ever noticed the scales that are found on the back of an alligator? Those scales make up an intricate pattern on the reptile’s back and a very similar pattern can form in asphalt in the form of cracking. Alligator cracking isn’t something that you want to see in your asphalt surfaces. It can cause problems and lead to an ultimate replacement if it isn’t dealt with. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about alligator cracking and what that means as well as what you should do to deal with it.

What is the Most Likely Cause of Asphalt Alligator Cracks?

Just like most asphalt damage, alligator cracking is caused by moisture problems. It is a little different that some of the other drainage problems that can occur in asphalt as it has to do with the installation more than drainage itself. The subgrade that is found under your asphalt surface has to be prepared a certain way or you run into problems like alligator cracking. If the subgrade isn’t thick enough, it won’t be strong enough to support the asphalt. It also doesn’t allow for proper drainage. That substructure is critical in the longevity of your asphalt surface.

Can You Seal Alligator Cracks?

As soon as you notice that you have some alligator cracking in your asphalt, you need to address it. This may not always be the permanent solution, but you need to seal those cracks before they get worse. While this won’t fix the root of the problem, it can buy you some time and stop the cracks from growing. If you would like to further slow the damage, you should avoid any heavy traffic on that area until you get the pros to help you find the real solution.

How Do You Fix Alligator Cracking in Asphalt?

The first thing that professionals will want to do in solving your alligator cracking issue is to evaluate it. During this process, they will try and locate the root of the problem as they work on a solution. They will have to dig up a portion of the asphalt surface so that they can evaluate the sub-base and figure out what the underlying issue may be. If you only have damage in certain sections of your asphalt, they may remove those areas and simply replace them. If the cracking is a widespread problem, they may have to replace the entire surface. Sometimes, this can be the more cost effective solution if you consider how many times you will likely have to fix the problem as it will more than likely be a problem over and over again if the sub-base isn’t fixed and addressed.

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