Disadvantages of Potholes in Henderson, NV & Why it is Important to Fix Holes & Dips on Asphalt Roads

When you are trying to maintain a parking lot or road, potholes can be a real problem. These holes in your expensive asphalt are more than just annoying though; they can be dangerous. This is why when you see even the beginning of what could turn into a pothole start to form, repairs need to be made to stop it from happening. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here talk about some of the dangers that come from potholes in your parking lot.

Car Damage Due to Potholes

There is nothing that is more frustrating than hearing the loud thud that comes when your vehicle hits a pothole. There is some significant vehicle damage that can happen when you are driving and happen to hit a pothole.
– Flat Tire After Hitting Pothole: Can easily go flat after hitting a pothole. Sometimes, you may not see the damage right away. There can be damage to the tires belts and cords that can lead to flat tires down the road.
– Pothole Bent Wheel Rim: If a pothole has been hit while going at high speeds, it can not only damage the tires, but the aluminum rims that the tires are mounted on as well. A bent rim is the most common kind of rim damage when a pothole is the source of the damage. If you experience vibration of the steering wheel after hitting a pothole, it could be due to a rim damage.
– Can a Pothole Throw Off Alignment?: When you hit potholes, it can also throw your vehicle out of alignment. This can become a problem because it is not only harder to drive, but you will find that you have uneven wear on your tires as well.
– Pothole Damage to Undercarriage: When it comes to most potholes, the undercarriage of your vehicle won’t sustain any damage. However, if a pothole is large enough, it could cause damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. This could mean problems for your oil pan, punctures to hoses and your exhaust system.
– Pothole Suspension Damage: Continually hitting potholes with your vehicle can take a big toll on your suspension. You will find that your car doesn’t drive as smoothly as it once did.

Potholes Increase Driving Risk & Can Cause Car Accidents

When you have potholes in your parking lot, there isn’t just a risk to the vehicles that drive through it, there is also a risk to people walking into your business. They could hurt themselves if the pothole were to cause them to twist and ankle. Heaven forbid a customer broke a bone because a fall due to a pothole. The risk of tripping is increased when you have a parking lot full of potholes.

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If your parking lot or road is full of potholes, it is important that they get fixed. Not only can they be a danger to others, but potholes can also lead to asphalt replacement if they get too large. At Andersen Asphalt & Striping, we can provide you with asphalt repair, sealcoating, striping and replacement. Call us today!

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