Effectiveness of Traffic Calming Speed Humps & Bumps for Gravel Roads & Parking Lots in Spring Valley, NV

There are communities, private streets, parking lots and other areas that cars tend to drive through regularly that want to slow drivers down. The drivers that are using these areas can be people that live there, delivery drivers, guests and random people that are taking that way to reach a secondary location. The way that people drive is not something you can control by asking in many instances. There are some people that do not use the proper care required when driving around and that means that a secondary preventive technique has to be used. You can always call out an officer to come out and to issue tickets but that is not always the best option. There are lots of reasons that a community, street or parking lot may want to slow drivers down.
Andersen Asphalt & Striping outlines some of the benefits of having speed humps or speed bumps installed in your parking lot, street or community.

Types of Traffic Calming Devices

When you live in an area that you notice there are lots of speeding cars your reaction might be to have speed humps or bumps installed. The great thing is that you can use either of these to slow down the drivers that might be speeding through your community. Speed humps and bumps ensure that people slow down and this is a major benefit for many reasons. Areas that use speed humps and speed bumps are known to have less car accidents. The other aspect is that these areas are deemed safer for kids, dogs and pedestrians that are out and walking or playing outdoors. They have also been shown to reduce the amount of traffic that you might have in the area which will slow the crime that is occurring.

Speed Hump Design

When it comes to speedhumps there are lots of areas that choose to use them instead of speedbumps. They are used to slow down drivers but have a specific way that they are able to do that. They are a rise in the road that is somewhere between two and four inches in height. What sets them apart from a speedbump is that they span about 12 feet in distance. They are a longer and more modular hump. The reason that they are used is that they slow down the drivers but allow them to continue to go around 15 miles per hours. This is due to the softer jolt that it gives the driver as they pass by.

Round Speed Bumps

The similarity to the hump and the bump is that they are both in rise between two and four inches. The difference is that the bump is a smaller section that is raised up and is intended to offer a large jolt to the driver. This means that the driver will also get a double jolt as the front tires then the back tires are going over. The jolt means that the car will slow down to around five miles per hours.

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