HOA Road Maintenance Requirements in North Las Vegas, NV; Pothole Repair, Asphalt Sealcoating & More

There are several benefits that come from living in an HOA environment. For the most part, people keep their properties clean and well kept. There are always certain guidelines that the homeowners must follow to keep the neighborhood clean and tidy. One part of living in an HOA that many homeowners more than likely take for granted is the road maintenance that happens. For most HOAs, road maintenance is often tied into their dues each month or year. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about HOA road maintenance and what makes it so great.

HOA Road Maintenance

There is a lot that goes into keeping roads properly maintained. When they aren’t taken care of, it can have a large impact on the travel of everyone that lives in the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if the community is filled with townhomes, condos or single family homes, taking care of the roads is a big part of making sure that the quality of living is maintained. If your HOA dues do include road maintenance, here is what you can expect them to be in charge of fixing:
– Parking Lot Maintenance: If you live in an HOA that has townhomes or condos, chances are, there are parking lots within the community that are there for the homeowners and their guests. There is a certain amount of maintenance that takes place to keep them in good condition. This includes any striping that may need to be done so that the parking spaces are clear and visible to all drivers.
– Pothole Repair: If potholes start to form in the streets or parking lots of your community, it won’t take long to see the damage that they can cause. These potholes start to form as there are drastic changes in temperature or problems with moisture. Having potholes fixed is important in keeping residents and their vehicles safe.
– Sealcoating: One of the best ways to avoid damage to the asphalt that makes up the streets in any community is to have it sealcoated regularly. This will help to extend the life of the asphalt and avoid significant cracking that can continue to get worse and result in complete road replacement.

HOA Maintenance Relies on Asphalt Companies

While road maintenance is included in your HOA dues, it is important that your HOA is using the right asphalt company to keep the roads maintained. Finding the right paving services will keep the community that you live in beautiful, and a place people want to live.

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