Where Should Speed Bumps Be Installed to Slow Down Traffic in Overton, NV? Bump or Hump & More

When people tend to drive too fast in a neighborhood or in a commercial parking lot or playground, often you will need to look for ways to encourage drivers to slow down. One of the most common methods to force drivers to slow down is by installing speed bumps. You can install multiple speed bumps along the road or parking lot which will slow down drivers. They also ensure they maintain a slower speed. Before you commit to installing a speed bump there are a few considerations. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share what you need to know about speed bumps to better help you make the right choice when having speed bumps installed.

Where Do You Want to Slow Down Traffic?

Before you call out contractors you will first want to decide on your desired goal. You never want to have too many speed bumps all over the parking or road. However, you also need the right amount of speed bump and have them in the right places. When you need speed bumps you will need to carefully map out where you need them to slow down traffic in the right areas. If you are not sure of all of the rules and regulations or where is the best place for speed bumps, you can always utilize the knowledge of a contractor. However, you will want to have a clear vision or picture of how and where speed bumps should be installed.

Types of Speed Bumps

Most people are familiar with the traditional concrete speed bump. However, there are different types of speed bumps you can choose to install. There are speed bumps that are made from rubber, asphalt and recycled plastics. When choosing the type of speed bump you need, you will need to consider how heavy your traffic is, the typical weather conditions, and the nature of the site. For heavy traffic, you can never go wrong with a concrete or asphalt based speed bump. Rubber and plastic are best for lower traffic.

Height of Speed Bump or Hump

As there are different types of materials used for speed bumps, there are also different sizes and patterns. There are speed bumps and then there are speed humps. The speed bump helps vehicles reduce to a much lower speed than would a speed hump. This is due to the height and weight of the speed bump or speed hump. Speed humps are lower and wider which make it slightly easier to pass over then a slightly higher speed which is perfect for neighborhood roads. For parking lots or areas with a lot of foot traffic you will want a speed bump which demands much slower speeds.

Know Traffic Calming Measures & Regulations

When hiring a contractor to install your speed bumps or humps, they will follow all of the traffic calming guidelines. When installing speed bumps and humps you will find you will need to also add markers such as paint strip markings and signs. When a contractor comes, you may find there are some aspects of installing speed bumps you didn’t realize and before getting upset with your contractor, you should investigate all of the rules and guidelines of installing speed bumps. Be prepared for all of the requirements for traffic calming devices.

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