How Can I Increase the Parking Space on My Lot in The Lakes, NV? Add to Existing Area By Installing More Asphalt

When you are maintaining your parking lot, you want to have ample space for any patrons and employees that come your way. When you have thought out and planned your parking lot well, you will find that you can fit so much more in the parking lot you currently have. There is some planning that needs to go into the process though. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about how business owners can add more parking space to their current parking lot.

How Do You Solve a Parking Space Problem By Adding More Spaces?

If it feels like your parking lot is always full and seems to be difficult for your customers and employees to navigate, you may need to reconfigure it. Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.
– Eliminate Wasted Space in Parking Lot: If you look at your parking lot, you may find that there is some wasted space that could be utilized. There may be odd corners or edges that you could take advantage of. You may be able to move dumpsters and trash cans that could also provide you with more space.
– Add a Variety of Parking Spaces: You want to have a little of everything in parking lot. Add some smaller spaces for compact or electric cars, motorcycle parking, and even some parking for larger vehicles like vans and SUVs. This can help you make the most of any tight corners or spaces that you may have in your lot.
– Find a Parking Lot Partner: If you by chance, have any business that is close to you, there is possibly an opportunity to pair up with them and make arrangements to use their space as well. You may be able to designate their space as backup parking for your customers. Make sure there is the appropriate signage is you can seal this deal.
– Angle the Parking Spaces: Most parking lots can benefit from parking spaces that are angled rather than going straight in. It can control the direction of the traffic into the parking lot and create more room for parking.
– Increase Asphalt Parking Lot Area: If you have the space and property to accommodate it, you can also add more asphalt to give you the space that you need for more parking spaces. There may be grassy areas that can be transformed into parking lot and add some significant space for your needs. You can add this asphalt to provide parking for your employees and customers to add convenience for everyday use.

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If you need any repairs made to your current parking lot or are looking to change the striping up, you can turn to Andersen Asphalt & Striping to take care of your parking lot needs. If it is more asphalt you want, we can certainly accommodate that as well. There is no one you can trust more to ensure your parking lot is fully utilized. Call us today!

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