Why Should New Asphalt Be Smooth & Not Rough or Bumpy in Silverado Ranch, NV? Drainage, Damage & More

If you have had asphalt laid recently and you have discovered it didn’t lay flat, then something went wrong. Asphalt should be smooth and flat. Every application of asphalt demands a smooth surface. Not only do you want to have a smooth asphalt surface, for the asphalt’s longevity it is very important for the asphalt to be tightly compacted and smooth. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share what went wrong, why the asphalt isn’t smooth and why smooth asphalt is so important.

Why Should Asphalt Be Smooth?

If the asphalt was recently laid and it is rough and uneven, this is a major problem. When it rains the low points of the rough and uneven asphalt will collect water. If there are small cracks or pores in the asphalt, the water will seep deeper into the asphalt. When water gets into or underneath the asphalt, it can lead to major damage to the asphalt as well as the grading underneath that supports the soil. If the conditions are right during the winter months, the rain can freeze. The ice expands which means the asphalt will be pushed creating bigger cracks, potholes, and other damages. For the longevity of the asphalt it is important that it is smooth. Most asphalt surfaces are roads, parking lots, and recreational areas. A rough asphalt is a major hazard and can lead to injury, damages to personal property or worse.

Why is Asphalt Rough & Bumpy?

If your new asphalt did not get installed correctly or laid smooth, something went wrong during installation. One of the first reasons why the asphalt did not get installed smoothly is that there wasn’t enough asphalt to bind to the aggregates. The asphalt is in a liquid form when it is poured over the aggregates. The asphalt should be a thick and soupy consistency. When it is poured over the aggregates, the asphalt should be about two inches thick. If there wasn’t the proper amount or thickness of asphalt, it will result in a rough and bumpy surface. If the asphalt was installed properly, then another reason why the asphalt isn’t smooth is that there wasn’t enough compaction. If the asphalt has a lot of rocks scattered or loose along the asphalt surface, the pavement wasn’t properly compacted. A roller machine must compact and smooth out the surface of the asphalt as it dries. If the asphalt wasn’t rolled at all or was poorly rolled, then the surface will be very rough. It is important that the asphalt is properly compacted or the asphalt will not be smooth. The last culprit may be the asphalt’s mix. The aggregate mix plays a major role in the quality of the asphalt. A proper aggregate mix should have crushed rocks and smaller particulates which is usually sand. The aggregate mix should also be compacted tightly together. If the aggregate mix is off or not properly compacted, expect to have a rough asphalt surface.

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