How Do You Make Asphalt Last Longer in North Las Vegas, NV? Proper Drainage, Pavement Sealing & More

To ensure your investment lasts, you want to make sure your asphalt is well-taken care of, whether if it is used in a commercial setting or on private property. In order to help you increase the lifespan of your asphalt, we at Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share some tips and recommendations.

Drainage is Important in the Structure of a Pavement?

Making sure that your asphalt has good drainage is the first recommendation. With ideal drainage, there is a way for the water to flow off of your parking lot into a drain. Water is a primary threat of the integrity of the asphalt since it can negatively impact the asphalt’s durability and strength. Water can penetrate through creating potholes, cracks and even asphalt failure. Be certain that there is proper drainage on the lot to make sure that this doesn’t happen when the asphalt is being laid. Don’t be afraid to ask the contractor where the water will be draining and how they plan to make sure there is a good drainage system if you are unsure.

Asphalt Cracks Should be Sealed

You should get them filled as soon as possible when you see the cracks that have formed in your asphalt. The road base that is underneath your asphalt will deteriorate if the opening collects water and debris inside of it. More cracking is then likely to occur and could lead to sinkholes or large potholes. Your only option is to rip it out and replace it which could be really expensive once you have too many cracks or large areas where the asphalt has sunk. Getting these cracks filled and sealed is essential.

Road & Parking Lot Sealing

There are a few methods to sealing asphalt and they have their own benefits and qualities. Common sealing methods include:
– Slurry Seal
– Seal Coat
– Mastic Seal
It is always a good idea to seal your parking lots, and if you are unsure which sealant is good for your circumstances, the contractor can offer recommendations. The sealants provide a protective barrier from the elements such as the sun, water and debris that wants to destroy your asphalt. After the new asphalt is put down, it is recommended to seal your lots six months to a year. You should continue to reseal the asphalt anywhere from two years to 5 years, depending on which sealant you chose.

Pothole Repair

Unfilled cracks that start to multiply and create alligatored cracking creates potholes. One by one each of those cracks pop out and create a large pothole eventually. Until your only option is to replace the entire parking lot, these potholes don’t just stop there they create more and more cracks. It is recommended that when you see these potholes or even the alligatored cracking, you get them repaired to avoid these potholes. Generally, cut out around the pothole and refill with new asphalt to repair potholes. It helps to make your parking lot last much longer by ensuring you make the repairs.

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