How Often Do You Need to Restripe a Parking Lot in Sun Valley, NV? After Sealcoating & More

If you own a parking lot, it is important to make sure that the lot is always in the best shape possible. In addition to having the asphalt intact and sealed, you want the stripes and spaces in the lot to be clear and bright. There are signs that indicate you should consider restriping the parking lot along with a range of benefits for your parking lot and business. The reasons for restriping and a few benefits of keeping the parking lot stripes fresh is what we at Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share today.

Restriping After Sealcoating

Before you can open up the parking lot to your customers should you have had asphalt repairs and sealcoating on your parking lot, you are definitely going to need to have restriping completed. Since sealcoating is going to cover up the lines, you will need to make sure that you have someone come out to add the stripes to the parking lot after it is dried.

Maintain ADA Code with Restriping

Due to the American Disability Act, keeping up with the requirements is necessary. As it will indicate what you are going to need in terms of disabled parking spaces, you need to be sure your parking lot is fully compliant.
To ensure you bring the parking lot up to code with the appropriate updates, you want to have a striping company come out to your parking lot as soon as possible in some cases.

Restriping After Wear & Tear

Depending on the surrounding factors such as weather conditions and other circumstances that occur naturally, time and use, the paint lines begin to fade, calling for a restriping service.

Advantages of Restriping a Parking Lot

Listed below are the many benefits that come from routine restriping services.
1) Enhancing the curb appeal of the property. It needs to be clean and easy to see lines in the parking lot in order to make the property more welcoming and inviting. Neglected parking lots leave a poor impression and old parking lots that don’t have lines or whose lines have faded has the same affect. You risk having the perception from others that you do not care much about the buildings and stores that are in the parking lot nor do you take care of the property as a whole.
2) Resale value. the resale value is higher, and the property looks more attractive to potential buyers all with routine restriping that helps keep the property looking its best. You offer potential buyers’ confidence you took care of the property as it suggests that the property is well-maintained.
3) Boost in safety. Safety is an important element when it comes to the parking lot. People are not able to properly park or navigate in the parking lot, leading to dangers and risks for both drivers and pedestrians when the parking lot has not properly been striped.

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