Why is Parking Lot Striping Important in Spring Creek, NV? Help Protect Motorists & Pedestrians

As a business owner, you have the responsibility to not only care for and maintain the building that your business is in but the parking lot as well. Over time, you may notice that your parking lot starts to look less that desirable. This is normal with wear and tear on the asphalt. However, if you notice that the striping is starting to fade and disappear, you may want to look into getting it touched up. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about the many benefits that come with parking lot striping.

Striping Helps Protect Cars in Parking Lot

If you haven’t noticed, drivers need to have clear painted lines that dictate where they park, or they usually park too close to other vehicles. Those lines can help avoid costly damage to vehicles while they are parked at your business. This can result in door dings, fender and bumper damage as vehicle accidentally smack into others while they are trying to navigate their way through the parking lot.

Improved Parking Spaces with Lot Striping

If you have noticed that the parking spaces in your parking lot are quite tight, you may want the help of a professional to measure your lot and reconfigure the parking spaces. This could allow more vehicles to have the space they need to back in and out of the parking spaces. Large vehicles like trucks and SUVs, may have a difficult time parking if the spots are too narrow.

Parking Lot Striping Offers Reduced Liability

Heaven forbid an employee or a customer is injured in your parking lot because the striping wasn’t done properly. When the striping is clear in your lot, you don’t have to worry about the liability that comes from injury. You could wind up paying medical bills, loss of earning capacity or other expenses related to a person’s injury when you don’t have clear striping in place.

Boosted Curb Appeal with Parking Lot Striping

When your parking lot hasn’t been striped in many years, it can look faded and old. The Striping is probably extremely difficult to see. This faded and worn look can turn potential customers and business away. When the striping is done and the lines are crisp and clean, it will boost the curb appeal of your business and will be a more welcoming place for customers and your employees.

Parking Lot Striping Provides Improved Safety

Not only will striping take care of clearly marking parking spaces, but there are also other aspects that can add another level of security to your lot. Having the handicapped spaces clearly marked, crossing for pedestrians, fire lanes and other areas of safety visible to anyone in the lot, there is an increased amount of safety and security that comes with that.

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If your parking lot is in need of sealcoating and striping, you can count on the professionals at Andersen Asphalt & Striping to help you get your parking lot whipped back into shape with our asphalt and striping services. Call us today!

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