Signs You Need Asphalt Repairs in Incline Village, NV; Standing Water, Potholes, Large Cracks & More

Asphalt roads and parking lots will last much longer with proper maintenance and repairs. Identifying the need for asphalt repairs is essential for the asphalt’s longevity. When the need for repairs goes unnoticed this will simply lead to total asphalt replacement. Replacing asphalt is much more costly and takes more time than repairs. For those who have the responsibility of maintaining asphalt, Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share some of the classic signs that your asphalt needs repairs.

Poor Drainage – Standing Water is Bad for Asphalt

During seasons of rain, the asphalt is at its most vulnerable. Water can damage not just the surface but the asphalt’s under layers. Asphalt must have a sound and functioning drainage system to prevent water damage. On the surface standing water can lead to potholes and water seeping underneath the asphalt, which will weaken the foundation of the asphalt. When you see standing water the asphalt drainage system was compromised or poorly designed. When you see water pooling on the surface or around the edges of the asphalt, this is a sign that the drainage system need repairs. Do not wait for the asphalt to collapse. Seek repairs immediately.

Potholes in Asphalt

Potholes can develop for a number of different reasons and is a common problem. Unfortunately, you will always know when there is a pothole as you will feel it each time you pass over it. In parking lots, complaints will begin pouring in. Potholes can become a major nightmare. When potholes develop they too can be repaired. Potholes are often a sign that the rest of the asphalt is in need of some maintenance. When you have potholes they can be refilled and patched. Consider also having the asphalt resurfaced at the same time. This will help renew the asphalt while repairing the potholes at the same time.

Large Cracks in Asphalt Driveway

Large cracks can be caused by a number of different problems just like potholes. Large cracks in the asphalt looks terrible and is a sign the asphalt is in need of some repairs. Large or small cracks can be filled in. However, if they become too deep, the asphalt under layers will be compromised. At this point you will need to replace the asphalt verses a simple repair. When you see even small cracks forming in the asphalt, seek repairs before it is too late.

Faded & Discolored Asphalt

In places with intense sun light and rain exposure the asphalt can become discolored and faded. This is completely normal and will happen with time. However, fading does reveal the asphalt’s age. Time can begin to weaken the asphalt, and eventually costly repairs or replacement of the asphalt will be needed. To prevent costly repairs or replacement simply sealcoat the asphalt. A sealcoat provides a new layer that will take all of the exposure of the sun, rain and traffic.

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Repairing asphalt is much easier and cheaper than replacing it. To help extend the life of your asphalt make sure to recognize when it is in need of repair. For quality asphalt repair, installation and more, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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