What Can I Use to Fix My Asphalt Driveway in Boulder City, NV; How to Fill in Potholes, Repair Cracks & More

When you have cracks and potholes in your home or driveway’s asphalt, you may wonder how to fix them. Asphalt on residential property can be used in many ways, and when cracks and potholes develop, they can be repaired using the same methods as commercial asphalt. If you have potholes and cracks and you want to repair them, Andersen Asphalt & Striping will walk you through the process of how to repair basic asphalt problems. Before we get into how to repair asphalt, it is recommended to contact a professional asphalt service like Andersen Asphalt & Striping. We provide expert services for residential property as well as commercial, and we have all of the tools, equipment and materials to ensure your asphalt is repaired correctly. However if you want to tend to the repair yourself, here is the process you will want to follow.

Prepare Damaged Asphalt for Repairs

Before you repair asphalt you will need to properly prepare the site. If you need to repair cracks or a big pothole you will need to first clean the site. Clean the area by removing all debris, dirt, and vegetation from the site. Sometimes grass and other plants will grow out of cracks and potholes. Make sure to remove all of the vegetation and root system. Sweep away and rinse the area clean with a hose. If there is grease and oil stuck around the cracks or potholes, you will want to use a degreasing agent such as dish soap to ensure the asphalt is free of the oil and grease. Before you begin the repair, allow the site to dry.

How to Fill in Potholes

When repairing a pothole you will need a pothole patch repair mix. To determine how much pothole patch repair mix you will need, first measure the diameter of the pothole as well as the depth. A 10 pound bag of a cold patch asphalt repair aggregate will cover a pothole that is 12” x 12” and about 1’ deep. Get enough repair material to fill in your pothole. Each pothole repair mix will vary on how to use the product. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions and follow them carefully. Improperly mixed patch repair will not hold. When pouring in your cold mix, make sure that you fill the hole pass the top about one half inch to allow for compaction. Make sure you have a hand tamper and begin compacting the material tightly into the hole. Make sure the mix is compact and level with the rest of the asphalt. Add more mix if needed.

How Do You Repair Asphalt Driveway Cracks?

When repairing cracks in your asphalt, you will need a crack patch repair, or an alligator patch repair kit. Along with the crack repair, you will need a sealcoat sealer and an asphalt brush. A squeegee will also work. The alligator patch kit is poured over the cracks until they are completely filled in. Once you use the alligator patch mix and have worked it into the crack, make sure it is tight using the asphalt brush. You will then want to use the sealcoat sealer and apply it over the asphalt. The sealer will bind the repair material to the asphalt ensuring the repairs last.

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Repairing asphalt takes time a lot of hard work. If you do not have the means to repair your asphalt yourself and/or just want to ensure a professional result, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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