What is Asphalt Oxidation in Pahrump, NV? Does Sealcoating Extend the Life of Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt surfaces, whether they are big parking lots or winding driveways, play a role in the functionality and aesthetics of both commercial and residential properties. However, these surfaces are not invincible, they will undergo a natural degradation process known as asphalt oxidation. This phenomenon can greatly compromise the integrity, safety, and appearance of asphalt pavements. Fortunately, there is a proven preventative measure against the harsh effects of oxidation, such as sealcoating. Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to go into the process of asphalt oxidation and how sealcoating serves as an essential line of defense.

Understanding Asphalt Oxidation

Asphalt oxidation is a chemical reaction between the asphalt binder which is the glue that holds the pavement together and the oxygen from the air. This reaction is accelerated by factors like UV radiation from the sun and heat. Over time, this process causes the asphalt binder to break down, leading to a loss of flexibility, fading, and the eventual crumbling of the asphalt surface.

Consequences of Asphalt Oxidation

• Brittleness and Cracking: As the asphalt loses its elasticity, it becomes more brittle and susceptible to cracking. These cracks can develop into larger potholes, affecting the pavement’s structural integrity.
• Fading: The rich, black color of fresh asphalt fades to a dull gray as oxidation progresses, diminishing the surface’s visual appeal.
• Decreased Lifespan: Oxidation accelerates the aging process of asphalt pavements, reducing their lifespan and leading to premature failure.

Sealcoating; A Shield Against Oxidation

Sealcoating is not just about improving the appearance of asphalt surfaces, it is an important maintenance tool that greatly extends the life of asphalt by protecting it from the elements, including oxidation. Here’s how sealcoating combats oxidation:
• Forms a Protective Barrier: Sealcoating acts as a barrier that limits the asphalt binder’s exposure to oxygen, thus slowing down the oxidation process.
• Blocks UV Rays: The sealcoat layer absorbs or reflects much of the UV radiation that would otherwise penetrate the asphalt and accelerate oxidation.
• Retains Asphalt Flexibility: By preventing the asphalt binder from becoming brittle, sealcoating maintains the pavement’s flexibility, reducing the likelihood of cracking and other forms of distress.

Cost-Benefit of Sealcoating

Investing in regular sealcoating can yield substantial long-term savings. By extending the pavement’s life and delaying the need for extensive repairs or replacement, property owners can avoid significant expenses. Additionally, the improved appearance of sealcoated surfaces can enhance curb appeal, potentially increasing property values.

Best Practices for Sealcoating

To maximize the benefits of sealcoating, it is essential to follow best practices:
• Timing: Sealcoating should be applied early in the pavement’s life cycle and repeated every 2-4 years, depending on traffic levels and environmental conditions.
• Preparation: Proper cleaning and repair of existing cracks are crucial before sealcoating to ensure optimal adhesion and effectiveness.
• Professional Application: Employing professionals with experience in asphalt maintenance can ensure that the sealcoating process is done correctly, using high-quality materials and techniques.

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Asphalt oxidation is an inevitable process, but its impacts can be prevented through regular maintenance, including sealcoating. By understanding the causes and consequences of asphalt oxidation, property owners can take proactive steps to protect their investment. Sealcoating not only preserves the structural integrity and appearance of asphalt pavements but also contributes to longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. In the battle against asphalt oxidation, sealcoating is an invaluable ally. For sealcoating and other asphalt services, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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