What is Bleeding in Transportation in Henderson, NV & How to Fix this Asphalt Distress Road Pavement Failure

Some of the common types of asphalt problems most people know about are potholes and cracking. However, not too many people are aware of asphalt “bleeding”. Asphalt bleeding is a type of asphalt distress that not only compromises the asphalt but can also be a major hazard to all of the drivers on the road. When asphalt bleeding is first noticed, this problem will need to be quickly corrected. Andersen Asphalt & Striping will share what asphalt bleeding is and why it is important to have this problem fixed quickly.

How Does Bleeding Asphalt Affect the Road??

For those who have never seen or identified what asphalt bleeding is, it is when a thin and shiny film builds on the surface of the asphalt. Asphalt bleeding, or also known as “flushing,” usually occurs during hot weather. The shiny film may look like an oil or liquid and many people may assume that it is spilled motor oil across the asphalt. However, that shiny oily like film is the asphalt’s binding that has begun to bleed out from the surface of the asphalt. Bleeding is dangerous as it reduces a vehicle’s tires to get proper traction and can cause the vehicle to lose control. It is similar to driving on ice. To avoid a hazardous situation, it is important to identify asphalt bleeding.

What Causes Asphalt Bleeding?

Asphalt bleeding can occur due to a combination of events. It often starts by the asphalt compacting due to heavy traffic activity combined with extreme heat. When there is high traffic and intense heat, it will cause the asphalt binder to liquefy and will run or seep out through the tinier pockets in the asphalt. The liquefied binder will eventually make its way up and out of the surface of the road which is why it is known as asphalt bleeding. Another element that leads to asphalt bleeding is when the contactor had a bad mix or it wasn’t installed properly.

How to Fix Asphalt Bleeding

Asphalt bleeding can occur slowly for long periods of time before it is noticed. However, when asphalt bleeding is detected the bleeding can be repaired. A professional asphalt and striping contractor can repair bleeding asphalt. To repair bleeding asphalt, the contractor will need to grade or plane the surface asphalt and remove the surface layer of the problematic asphalt. Afterwards a new layer is laid and the road is restored. It can take time contacting and scheduling a contractor to complete the repairs. In the meantime, if possible, you will want to pour sand or even cat litter over the site of the bleeding. The sand or litter can absorb the oily residue to improve the safety of the road. In more serious situations, you may need to partition off the dangerous sections of the road. For major roads, make sure to contact the proper city officials to bring attention to the problem.

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