What is Stripping in Road & Pavement Construction in Las Vegas, NV? How Do You Stop Asphalt Stripping?

Many people have heard of asphalt raveling which happens when the entire surface of asphalt starts to literally fall apart. However, there are fewer people that know what asphalt stripping is and what can be done about it. This asphalt issue is one that can be frustrating and expensive to repair. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is here to talk about what asphalt stripping is and what can be done to solve the problem.

What is Asphalt Stripping?

Unlike asphalt raveling which is when the top of an asphalt surface starts to disintegrate, asphalt stripping is the problem in reverse. Stripping occurs when the lower layers of the asphalt surface start to fall apart and leave the upper layers damaged eventually as well. Every asphalt surface has several layers that make it up. The lowest parts of the asphalt are aggregate and asphalt binder. If these layers start to separate, there isn’t any foundational support any longer and it will literally start to crumble from the bottom up. This can be a frustrating thing to deal with.

What Causes Asphalt Stripping

It can’t be stressed enough how damaging excessive water can be to an asphalt surface. Without proper drainage, your asphalt doesn’t stand a chance. Excess water is usually the cause of asphalt stripping. Water shouldn’t be found at the bottom of the asphalt layer because it will cause the aggregates to pull away from the binders that hold it together. Sometimes, stripping can be caused by an error in mixing asphalt, but it is much more likely that water is the problem instead.

How to Fix & Stop Asphalt Stripping

Often, when you are dealing with asphalt stripping, it can be hard to diagnose as the problem. With all the damage originating beneath the surface, the damage can often be confused for other issues. Because the damage happens from the bottom up, the only way to repair asphalt stripping is to completely remove the asphalt and start over again. Complete replacement will give the asphalt specialists the opportunity to prepare the surface again and make sure there is proper drainage so that the problem can be avoided in the future.

What are Some of the Symptoms of this Potential Pavement Failure?

Because the damage is so extensive with asphalt stripping, you will certainly see damage when that’s what you’re dealing with. Some of the common signs of asphalt stripping are:
– Short hairline cracks
– Web cracking
– Puckering

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If you suspect you are dealing with asphalt stripping, it is important that you have an asphalt specialist from Andersen Asphalt & Striping come and investigate further. Samples of the pavement will be taken and inspected to determine the issue that you are dealing with. If you do have asphalt stripping, you can count on our team of experts to replace your asphalt and ensure that it is done properly with plenty of drainage so that you avoid the problem in the future. Call us today!

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