What is Unraveling in Asphalt in Sparks, NV? What Does Raveling Deterioration Look Like & How to Prevent

One of the most durable surfaces out there is asphalt. This is why it is used to construct so many roads, parking lots and driveways. While it may be durable, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some issues that can pop up out there as well. One problem that we run into with asphalt is raveling. This can be a huge problem that needs to be addressed and fixed as soon as there are any signs that it could be happening. Andersen Asphalt & Striping is to talk about what raveling is and what causes it so you can hopefully avoid the problem in the future.

What Does Asphalt Raveling Look Like?

Raveling is something you never want to deal with when you have an asphalt surface. It is the disintegration of the asphalt from the top down that is caused by loss of aggregate. If the top layer of the aggregate that makes up your asphalt breaks away from the binder that holds it all together, your asphalt surface basically starts to crumble. When all is said and done, your asphalt will look like a pothole covered, gray surface that is less than appealing. Most of the time, this happens when the asphalt is getting older and hasn’t been well-maintained.

Causes of Asphalt Deterioration?

There are a few different issues that can ultimately lead to asphalt raveling. Here are the top causes:
– Asphalt Installation: It is essential that asphalt is installed properly. If not, you could be left with big issues like raveling on your hands. Raveling is usually caused when there isn’t the right asphalt compaction taking place during the installation process. This is usually an issue when the asphalt is installed in temperatures that are too low.
– Weather: The weather can impact your asphalt as well. Sun, rain and ice can all be damaging. Severe weather usually leads to oxidation and breakdown.
– Asphalt Materials: If low-quality materials are used, it may not have the sand that is needed to bind it. Without this fine sand, you won’t get that bond that is needed for long lasting asphalt, and it could lead to premature raveling.
– Traffic: There are some vehicles that can cause problem for asphalt. Usually, it is vehicles that have snow tires or oversized tires that can cause the aggregate to dislodge from the asphalt surface.

How Can Asphalt Ravelings Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent raveling is with regular sealcoating. Sealcoat offers a binding agent that is put on top of your asphalt surface to give it the protection it needs against the elements and the traffic.

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If you are seeing any signs of raveling on your asphalt surface, call on Andersen Asphalt & Striping to come and fix the problem. We offer sealcoating services that can help you maintain your asphalt surface and protect it from raveling issues. Call us today!

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