Why is Parking Lot Striping Important in Cold Springs, NV; Maximize Spaces, Increase Curbside Appeal & More

Paving a road, new or old is never just enough. The road will also require proper markings that are painted on the pavement’s surface. Pavement striping or markings are found everywhere. They are on the roads, sidewalks, parking lots and more. Pavement striping is there for many reasons and needs to be maintained as the striped markings begin to fade. To better understand the importance of maintaining good stripe markings, Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share why striping is so important.

Asphalt Striping Provides Safer Conditions

Striping, also known as parking lot striping or line striping services, have many different purposes, including safety. The striped markings on the asphalt’s surface helps to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. The markings show where to stop, slow down, bike lanes, crosswalks and more. These markings help to show where drives and pedestrians should be and prevent them interacting together, at least at the same time. Additionally, the proper markings can provide plenty of space for emergency vehicles. If there is a fire or an ambulance is needed, there must be a designated area for those emergency vehicles. To help prevent accidents, the striped markings are essential and must be maintained to help clearly identify these safety features.

Maximize Parking Lot Spaces

Whenever parking areas are left to the discretion of the drivers, it will become total chaos. Either drivers will park way too close or be too far apart, wasting proper parking spaces. In a parking lot, it is important to maintain the parking lot’s striped markings. This way there are regulated parking spaces that provide plenty of room. They also maximize the number of vehicles that can be parked. This is essential for a commercial property as not enough parking can equal loss of customers and profits.

Handicapped Spaces and Access

All commercial properties and parking areas must provide handicapped spacing and access points. When the markings on the asphalt have begun to wear away, people will take advantage of the handicapped parking if they are not properly identified. To ensure your handicapped customers or employees have the aid they need, make sure to clearly identify handicapped parking and access areas.

Increase Curbside Appeal

There are a ton of reasons why it is important to have the paint or stripe markings maintained and properly executed. In addition, by maintaining the road’s or parking lot striping, it helps make the area look cleaner and more appealing. Curbside appeal can make a major difference in how the commercial property is evaluated. To ensure a positive conclusion about the commercial center, it is important to maintain the parking lot’s aesthetics.

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Markings are very important. They help provide guidance and direction to pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers on the road or in a parking lot. Pavement marking are not just a suggestion. They are a requirement that is intended primarily for safety. Without proper direction it will become a free for all and pedestrians and automobiles never mix well. To ensure safety and order, make sure to maintain the pavement markings. For quality asphalt repairs, installation, striping and more, contact Andersen Asphalt & Striping today.

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