Why are Speed Bumps Useful in Logandale, NV? Slowing Traffic Down Improves Safety for Pedestrians & More

Speed bumps are often not fully appreciated, especially when they force drivers to slow down. However, they can greatly improve safety in communities, parking lots, and recreational areas. Often drivers do not always want to slow down to a safer speed limit. When there is a lot of foot traffic combined with vehicles, going too fast can equal a disaster. Andersen Asphalt & Striping would like to share some of the many benefits of speed bumps and why these traffic slowdown devices are important.

Speed Bumps Slow You Down

The primary purposes for speed bumps is to slow down drivers. When there are areas where there is a lot of pedestrians and automobile traffic mixed together, it is important for drivers to maintain a safe and slow speed. Where there may be some drivers that can respect the posted speed limit, sometimes there are some people who disregard posted speed limit signs and drive at high speeds. Not only do speeding vehicles potentially harm pedestrians, but it is also dangerous for the driver. Speeding on tight turns, speeding toward exits and other road designs can make speed very dangerous for the drivers and their passengers. When drivers need to slow down, sometimes it need to be forced with traffic slow devices such as speed bumps.

Regulate & Manage Traffic with Speed Bumps

Certain communities as well as other roads may offer a convenient short cut. Traffic may become too heavy for certain neighborhoods or other roads that are not designed for major traffic and something needs to be done to deter traffic. Often speed bumps are all that is needed to help redirect traffic to other major roads and off smaller roads. Speed bumps can help deter traffic in neighborhoods and low key office centers. When there is a need to reduce the amount of traffic that passes through certain roads and communities, have speed bumps installed.

Speed Reduction Improves Safety for Pedestrians & Bicyclists

Both bicyclists and pedestrians are vulnerable to speeding traffic. Areas that are dedicated as walk paths and bicycle lanes need speed bumps to force traffic to slow down. When there are bicycle lanes, or there are walk paths near the road, it is important to keep those vulnerable to traffic, safe. Speed bumps will help keep those daily walkers, joggers and bicyclists safe.

Difference Between Speed Bumps & Humps

When you are needing speed bumps there is another option. There are also speed humps. Speed bumps and speed humps are essentially the same thing, the only difference is the height and width. A speed bump is about 2 to 4 inches taller than a speed hump. A speed hump isn’t as intense which allows cars to drive by at a slightly faster speed. A speed bump is higher which will jostle the vehicle a bit more. Vehicles will need to slow down more when speed bumps are used. Depending on the need of the slow devices, the use of speed bumps or speed humps will vary.

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When you need traffic slowing devices, Andersen Asphalt & Striping can install traffic slowing devices and other asphalt and striping services.

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